FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Where to submit a conference paper?

A: Go to the submission form at www.jveconferences.com in the submit section of an appropriate conference. Note that we organize several conferences per year. If you have any problems, please send your conference paper as a file attachment with a subject of an appropriate conference to either these e-mails: m.ragulskis@jve.lt or ragulskis.jve@gmail.com

Q: Should the registration fee be paid before the submission of the conference paper?

A: No. The conference paper is reviewed by the conference committee. The registration fee should be paid after the formal acceptance to the conference program.

Q: How to format a conference paper?

A: Download conference paper template at the submit section of an appropriate conference or download it here.

Q: What is the conference registration fee? What does it include?

A: Please find information about the fees in the section of an appropriate conference registration section. Registration fee includes the acceptance to all sessions, a printed copy of the Proceedings (available at the Registration Desk at the Conference), coffee brakes during the Conference and the Social and Gala Dinner after the Conference. This registration fee must be prepaid before the Conference.

Q: How long does the review time take from the conference paper submission?

A: All conference papers published in Vibroengineering Procedia are reviewed by external anonymous reviewers. Usual review time is 1-2 weeks after the submission.

Q: What is Vibroengineering Procedia?

A: It is a separate volume of all conference papers presented at an appropriate international conference on Vibroengineering. Vibroengineering Procedia is indexed in Compendex, Scopus, Inspec, Gale Cengage, Google Scholar and other leading scientific information database services.

Q: Is an appropriate volume of Vibroengineering Procedia printed before or after the conference?

A: Before. Each author will receive free printed copy of Vibroengineering Procedia at the registration table of the Conference.

Q: What is the venue of the conference? Where and how hotel reservation can be made?

A: Please follow the link of an appropriate conference. All information will be available there. If you have any other concerns or requests, please contact these e-mails anytime: conferences@jve.lt ; m.ragulskis@jve.lt ; ragulskis.jve@gmail.com or call +37069822456