The history of JVE International dates back to the previous century when vibration engineering school and science laboratory named “Vibrotechnika” was created in the beginning of 1960s’ by Prof. Kazimieras Ragulskis in Kaunas, Lithuania (former Soviet Union). Over a decade together with more than 300 top-field scientists and engineers working in “Vibrotechnika”, the scientific laboratory had turned into one of the biggest science center in Soviet Union at that time and many scientific innovations were discovered.

Prof. Kazimieras Ragulskis together with his team of “Vibrotechnika” had gained success and found new discoveries in the fields of vibromechanics and precision vibrotechniques:


  • the transformation of vibrations and waves into controllable motion;
  • the stabilization of low frequency vibrations of moving multidimensional bodies by using high frequency vibrations;
  • motion transfer systems operating with the help of vibrations with self-stopping elements;
  • dynamic self-organization of systems motions trajectories;
  • multiple dynamic synchronization;
  • dynamically non-synchronous systems;
  • classification of bodies with the help of waves;
  • control and dosing of fluids;
  • methods of generation of waves and vibrations;
  • the principles of creation of original new mechanical systems;
  • methods of measurement of parameters of motions of mechanical systems, separating vibrations and disturbances.


Prof. K. Ragulskis – author and co-author of 26 monographs, editor of more than 160 books and issues of journals, authors of more than 700 scientific articles, more than 1700 patents and inventions, scientific supervisor of more than 250 doctoral thesis and 35 doctoral habilitatus thesis.

While the school of “Vibrotechnika” has issued 40 monographs, more than 3000 scientific articles and 300 articles in the foreign journals. Since 1963 innovations period was started and until 1992 almost 3000 patents were registered with respect to discoveries founded in “Vibrotechnika”.

The footprints of prof. Kazimieras Ragulskis and scientific school “Vibrotechnika” are significant for modern science. JVE International Ltd. is a continuation of works started in the previous century ahead with Journal of Vibroengineering, Journal of Measurements in Engineering, Journal of Mathematical Models and JVE Conferences organized around the world.