The 23rd VIBROENGINEERING Conference 2016 Istanbul, Turkey                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  7-9th October, 2016



23-rd International Conference “Vibroengineering on Modeling, Identification and Fault Detection in Oil and Gas Equipment and Infrastructures” was held during 7-9th October, 2016 Istanbul, Turkey.

This conference covered a range of topics:

Vibration and wave processes; 

Vibration and wave technologies;

Nonlinear vibrations;

Vibroshock systems;

Generation of vibrations and waves;


Transformation of motion by vibrations and waves;

Dynamics of intelligent mechanical systems;

Vibration control, identification, diagnostics and monitoring;

Biomechanical Engineering.

Oil and Gas Industries - safety monitoring and failure prediction in pipelines, compressors, production equipment - based on vibration signal analysis

Conference purpose was to provide a platform for scientists, engineers and practitioners throughout the world to exchange ideas and present their latest research results in the areas of civil infrastructure, typically bridge engineering, hydraulic engineering, offshore engineering, and transportation structures, in order to further promote the Vibroengineering and its applications. The Conference is organized by prestigious publishing house and conferences organiser JVE International in partnership with Marmara University.