The 26th International Conference on VIBROENGINEERING

June 29-30, 2017 in St. Petersburg, Russia


Conference will be held during white nights period in Saint Petersburg. It is a time  of incredible, luminous northern midsummer eves when the high latitudes are mixed in a pearlescent all-night glow with sun-filled summer days. 

During the day, people enjoy warm sunny days and in the evening there are festivals, concerts and parties. Most common activities during white nights of Saint Petersburg include tasting delicious Russian ice-cream by the riverside, visiting Summer Gardens, watch Neva bridge open and concerts. 

We will welcome all conference participants to join our evening/night programs during the conference. Please note that the schedules will be produced approaching the date. Also, concert tickets, additional foods and drinks bought during the tours will not be part of registration fee and should be taken as a personal cost.


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